Huawei at the Center of Trade Issues

Although said to be coincidental, the timing of the Huawei blacklist has put added pressure on China during the escalating trade war. The U.S. Commerce Department opened a relief valve announcing Monday it had granted a 90-day license for mobile phone companies and internet broadband providers to work with Huawei to keep existing networks online … Continue reading Huawei at the Center of Trade Issues

PINS and NVDAs…. and Applied Materials

Pinterest is down big this morning after issuing weaker than expected guidance on future revenue. The company expects 2019 revenue of $1.055 billion to $1.080 billion. The estimates were for $1.09 billion. They did beat on current revenue, but I guess missed on earnings... they reported a loss of $0.33 per share on revenue of … Continue reading PINS and NVDAs…. and Applied Materials

Amazon Delves Deeper Into Food Delivery

Amazon is leading a $575 million funding round for Deliveroo, a British based food delivery company. The company allows users to order food deliveries from nearby restaurants using an app. The company operates in over two hundred cities in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as other parts of Europe. Amazon UK Country … Continue reading Amazon Delves Deeper Into Food Delivery

Huawei Targetted

President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring US companies from using telecoms gear from sources deemed national security threats. This action comes at the same time Chinese telecoms giant Huawei was added to the Entity List of companies thought to be undermining American interests. US companies may need a license to continue supplying Huawei … Continue reading Huawei Targetted