Semiconductor Shares Soaring #semiconductor

Shares in semiconductors are trading sharply higher Wednesday following a report that suggests a key Asia supplier is seeing more orders for smartphone chips heading into the second quarter. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD 30.43 -0.02 -0.07%) is up almost 9% at the time of this article, Applied Materials (AMAT 42.51 +0.20 +0.46%) up almost 4%, Micron (MU) up 4.5%.

The Digitimes website said Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM 39.59 +0.38 +0.98%) will ramp up its 7 nanometer production rates thanks to strength in orders for Android devices.

Universal Display Corporation (OLED 184.97 +0.27 +0.15%), supplier of technology and materials to manufacture OLED displays is also on the rise, up almost 4% today and over 70% for the year.