Boeing Delivery Report

The Boeing Company(BA 201.69 +2.17 +1.09%) announced today deliveries across its commercial and defense operations for the first quarter of 2019.

Total Deliveries were 149, down significantly from last quarter(238) and same period a year ago(184). Deliveries of 737s were down almost 50% to 89.

Possibly more distressing, Net orders fell to 95 from 180 a year ago AND there were no new orders for the 737 MAX in March. Confidence in BA has not yet been reestablished as airlines wait and see how everything will pan out.

Major program deliveries during the first quarter, including deliveries under operating lease (which are identified by parentheses) were as follows:

Major Programs                     1st Quarter
Commercial Airplanes Programs
     737                           89
     747                           2
     767                           12
     777                           10    (1)
     787                           36
Total                              149
Defense, Space & Security Programs
AH-64 Apache (New)                 6
AH-64 Apache (Remanufactured)      22
CH-47 Chinook (New)                7
CH-47 Chinook (Renewed)            4
F-15 Models                        4
F/A-18 Models                      7
KC-46 Tanker                       7
P-8 Models                         3
Commercial and Civil Satellites    —
Military Satellites                —