Apple Free of China?

Apple’s AAPL 179.45 +4.89 +2.80% Tim Cook said “currently the Chinese have not targeted Apple at all. And I don’t anticipate that happening, to be honest.”

“I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. And I don’t anticipate it happening. I know people think the iPhone is made in China,” Cook said. “The iPhone is assembled in China. The truth is, the iPhone is made everywhere. It’s made everywhere. And so a tariff on the iPhone would hurt all of those countries, but the one that would be hurt the most is this one,” he continued.

Well that’s good news for Apple investors. Doing something against Apple would certainly hurt China more than it would hurt the US. Regardless of that, escalating trade issues and privacy tensions between China and the US are sure to eventually have an effect on Apple profits.

The other Apple issues are still on the table (I personally think the China issue is still there as well…)

  • Apple no longer reports iPhone sales.
  • Earlier this year Apple reported a slow down due to weaker-than-expected sales in China as well as “broader” problems with iPhone sales (trade war isn’t going to help this)
  • World’s economy hasn’t improved since this warning
  • Price cuts in some countries as well as aggressive trade-in promotions

They did make one popular decision today, offering an amazing monitor stand for the low low price of $999. It hold’s a separately purchased 6k monitor that will only set you back $4,999. I think we can probably add “out of touch” to the list above.